Shipping and Dispatch

Our handmade artisan manufacturing process means we don’t always have every product ready on the shelf, please be aware we allow up to 7-10 days to make your order and get it dispatched.

Domestic deliveries in NZ can take around 2-5 days to arrive

Overseas standard delivery is taking around 2/3 weeks at present

Overseas express delivery is taking around 7/10 working days - Express service is  being handled with DHL & Fedex. 

If you need your order quickly, we have introduced an expedited dispatch service which moves your order straight to the front of the queue, we will make every effort to have your order out the door within two working days. Due to external suppliers we may not always be able to do this, we will advise if your order cannot be expedited and give you a timeline for its delivery.

If your job is time sensitive please message or email us before placing the order to ensure we can meet your timeline, Expedited service or express delivery may be needed to keep to your schedule.

Delivery options

Standard Delivery

Within New Zealand: In New Zealand we use castle parcels to deliver our products via their courier service. Our standard service is a two-day delivery from dispatch to residential and business addresses

For rural customers our courier hands your parcel off to the NZ post rural delivery service, we expect a rural delivery to take around 2-3 extra days  from dispatch. 

Check the Castle Parcels website here for updates on their network

Outside of New Zealand: Our standard delivery service uses Post Haste and Fedex and the EMS worldwide network to deliver to you using your local mail service. This service is expected to deliver within 14/28 days of dispatch however local or international network issues could cause unexpected delays.

Check the NZ post website here for updates on their network.


Expedited Standard Delivery

To get your order moving faster we can expedite making your product and getting it in the hands of the couriers. This will move your order to the front of the queue and make it our top priority. In the event we receive multiple expedited orders we will complete them in the order they come in.

Our expedited service adds an additional $30 to your shipping charge at checkout.


Express Delivery

If you need your order to move quicker through the delivery network, we offer an express shipping service. 

Within New Zealand: We can move your order overnight (not guaranteed) to most destinations in New Zealand using Post Haste Couriers, if you book our express shipping this is the service you will get.

Rural customer orders will still need to be handed to the Rural Delivery service which can add an additional 3 - 5 days to the delivery time.

Check the Post Haste website here for updates on their network

Outside of New Zealand: We use Fedex International Priority and DHL as our express service providers to ensure quick transit of goods, 14-21 days. If you want to ensure your order moves quickly then this service will help get it to you quickly.

Check the Fedex website here for updates on their network 


Expedited Express Delivery

For orders that need to be there as soon as possible we can move you to the front of the job board and book a fast courier service once its ready, our Expedited Express service combines our expedited service in house with our express courier service from Fedex.

With this service we aim to get your order in the hands of Fedex within 2 working days of your order and with their International Priority service you should get your order in around 4 days from when you place it.

This service will be charged at the express delivery rate plus our $30 Expedited service fee.


International First service

We can where needed ship your order using the Fedex International First service which is the fastest shipping option we can offer; this service offers delivery in an average of 2 days with priority service worldwide. If you feel you need this service, please contact us for a quote. This service is not universally available worldwide, where it is unavailable we will advise of the closest service available to you. 



While we make every effort to provide accurate time frames for dispatch and delivery local and international freight services are constantly changing and we may not be able to meet the exact times outlined on this page. For updated delivery timelines please feel free to contact us and we can get an estimate for your specific needs.