Covid-19 Information

New Zealand is currently at Covid alert level 1, and as such we dont expect any delays to our ability to make and dispatch your orders. 

Being a small team we have no issues with social distancing within our workplace and we do not predict any disruptions to our operations if alert levels change in the future. 

We do however advise ensuring you leave plenty of time for you order to be delivered as we cannot predict the delivery patterns of our freight partners.

While we have not been advised of any specific delays within New Zealand the situation can change quickly and disruptions may happen. Please order your products early to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner.

For international deliveries we have seen some slight delays which we cannot predict and are based on international flight availability, we have however seen 90% of our international deliveries move in a normal fashion. While we make every effort to meet our advertised delivery time frames we make no guarantee of delivery dates.

If you wish to expedite your order please contact us before placing it and we can work with you to get a better idea of timeframes. We can also arrange express services such as FedEx but these incur additional costs and are only available by request.


A note on Copper as a healthy material:

While we are all considering the things we come into contact with every day, we’ve been reading all the new studies related to Covid-19 and copper surfaces.

Copper is an antimicrobial surface which kills bacteria and other microbes, it has been shown to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. This property of copper ensures that the virus will not be transmitted through our products being shipped to you but will also benefit you for years to come. Our products are in effect self-sterilising and help to keep your home safer for you and your family.         

Thank you all for your business and support, we hope to continue to support your building projects and we are here to help.

If you have a building project coming up and see a deal you want we can hold the price with a minimum payment of a 50% deposit until you are ready to receive your goods. We can also work with your plumber, builder or project manager to ensure you get the exact fit you need for your job.

If you are building or renovating we are here to support you.


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Last updated 27th October 2020, Nathan Brown